New Byron Menu!!

Last September, Byron headed to Paris to sample the city’s burgeoning burger scene. They came back with the idea for a special inspired by the Southern US influences they found at the city’s burger joints, and indulged in a little franglais by calling it Le Smokey.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

A decade after a devastating virus ravaged the Earth, wiping out millions, the human survivors step forward to challenge Caesar and his almighty ape army. With both sides hungry for superiority, the scene is set for an epic battle of man versus ape.

Oishii Buns

Last year it was the Yo! Burger but in 2014 Yo! Sushi are causing a stir with their brand new Oishii Bun! A soft cloud-like bun packed with a delicious filling of your choice (duck, chicken, mushroom or mackeral). London is raving about Oishii Buns and Yo! Sushi are here to lead the revolution!